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Our mission
To bridge Crypto World
with Traditional Finances
Our product
We create seamless Payment solution
for regular daily expenses
with minimal commissions backed
by any crypto wallet
weld is a transparent Bridge between two worlds
Crypto world
weld application
One wallet for everything
Visa\MC card
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Online exchange
PFM module
Fiat world
Coffee shops
Products market
GAS station
other merchants
How it works
Client initiates
a Payment
weld blocks crypto
balance from
a clients wallet
weld allows bank
to process
the transaction
Bank processes
the transaction
from overdraft
Client takes
the purchase
weld repays
the overdraft
to bank
Main values of our Product
Seamless integration with ApplePay / GooglePay
Secure and transparent financial flow
Tax-free crypto transactions on the go (no vat and other taxes on conversion).
Convenience – the ability to add any wallet from a third-party service or crypto exchange.
Transparent pricing, no hidden fees. You pay for the things you use.
Traditional payment method – payment by Visa \ MC (GooglePay / ApplePay).
360 view on personal finance – one application to manage everything (fiat cards / accounts and cryptocurrency wallets).
Security – Fully PCI DSS compliant solution.
Wallets to use with weld
weld your other wallets and digital assets with our card
Founders and Advisors
Alexey Bobok
Co-Founder, COO
Founder of ProfitLift, a platform delivering complex unique solutions for fintech projects. More than 8 years of experience in delivering qualitative alternative payment methods to the end users.
Alexey Meretskiy
Co-Founder, CEO
Experienced entrepreneur and business owner with 13+ years of commercial experience in insurance, leasing and loans. Member of the board in Association of Leasing Companies of Ukraine, and Financial Companies Association. Founder of GETCAR Leasing and Kreditkafe payday lending company.
Iryna Lorens
6 years in crypto trading. She has extensive crypto knowledge, furthermore managing a $30M portfolio in a Crypto hedge fund. Besides, her crypto network extends throughout the world, where she regularly attends conferences and hackathons.
Marcello Mari
CEO at SingularityDAO
Marcello Mari is both CEO of SingularityDAO, the independent project from SingularityNET which brings DeFi solution and AI together across the crypto universe, and Director of Communications for SingularityNET. His knowledge and expertise on exponential technologies brings him to intervene for numerous conferences such as TED talks and CNN. Marcello joined SingularityNET at their debut back in 2017 as Head of Public Relations and participated in their crazy raise of 36 million dollars in 60 seconds. SingularityDAO won the title of “DEFI project of the year” at AIBC Dubai 2021.
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